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Senin, 23 September 2013

Contoh (Example) RPP (Lesson Plan) Bahasa Inggris - Reading - Two stay Two Stray


Nama sekolah              : SMP 1 BIU
Subject                        : English
Class/Semester            : VIII (eight) / 1
Text Type                    : Narrative Text
Skill                             : Reading
Meeting                       : 1st
Time Allocation          : 2 x 40 minutes
Based Competence    : Understanding the meaning of short functional text in form Narrative text to interact in their social life.
Indicators                     :
a.       Identify the main idea in Narrative Text.
b.      Identify the generic structures in Narrative Text.
c.       Identify the moral value in Narrative Text.

Teaching Methodology            :  Two stay Two stray
Classroom management           : Group discussion
Learning Activities     :

Pre Activity (10 minutes)
Teacher opens class and does the absence.

Teacher gives apperception and showing the objectives to the students.
Main Activity (40 minutes)
Teacher divides students in several groups with each group consist of 4 students.

Teacher explains the main idea and generic structures in narrative text.

Teacher gives the text of narrative to each group and asks in every group to discuss with the members of their group about the main idea, generic structures and moral value.

Then, two members of each group asked to stray to another group to discuss about what have been they discussed in their own group and two members stay in their group to give information about what have been they discussed to the strayer from another group.

After several minutes, The teacher ask students who stray to another group, back to their own group to discuss about information that they get from another group and compare the answer with their group’s answer.

Then, the teacher asks each group to perform the result of their answer about main idea, generic structures and moral value in narrative text, and also the other groups can give comment about the answer.

Teacher asks students back to their sit.
Post activity (10 minutes)
Teacher gives conclusion and feedback about the material.

Teacher gives homework and closes the class.

Teaching material        :
Source : Reading Book for Junior High School
Tools   : Script of short passage (Narrative Text)

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