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Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

Setting analysis of Journey to the center of the earth By Jules verne

1.          INTRODUCTION

This book consists of 20 chapters. This book is about the quest to the cenhe of the earth. The expedition is led by Professor Otto Liedenbrock and includes Axel and their Icelandic goide Hans.
Liedenbrock stumbles upon this discovery when he was going through a runic script. In the runic script he discovers a coded message written by an Icelandic alchemist Ame Saknusserlm, saying that he has been to the centre of the earth. He goes on to describe how exactly he did it. So Professor Otto Liedenbrock, Axel, and Hans go to Sneffels where they are let down by cloudy skies. But on the last day the sun comes out and they enter the correct crater.

Jules Veme was borr in France (1823) and died (1905), spending his life miting many books. After his first book was published in 1863, he devoted his life to writing. Verne had no formal taining in science. His passion was geography; everything else he leamed from his reading, rryhich included about fifteen newspapers a day. He took voluminous notes grving him a good sense of the emerging knowledge in many fields. He was very modest about his ability to predict inventions, sayrng he only extended what was already at the time. From a scientific point of view, this story has not aged quite as well as other Veme stories, since most of his ideas about what tlre interior of the Earth contains have since been soundly refuted.
However, a redeeming point to the story is Verne's own betief, told within the novel from the vieupoint of a character, that the inside of the Earth does indeed differ from that which the characters anticipate. One of Veme's main ideas with his stories was also to educate the readers, and by placing the different extinct creatures the characters meet in their correct geological era" he is able to show how the world looked a long time ago, stretching from the ice age to the dinosaurs.


This novel began when Professor Liddenbrock found a sfange parchment in an old boob and he saw a code of manuscript that he could not read. Although he had tried to read it, but he still could not understand. Actually Axel, his nephew understood what the code mean, but he didn't want to tell to his uncle. The code had mean about journey to the centre of the earth was possible, and he knew that his uncle would interest to do it. So, he just stayed calm. But, because he saw his uncle like a frustrated man where never eat and just leam about the code, so Axel didn't bear and told about what the code means. After that his uncle immediately was willing to make the fiip as what has been done by Ame saknussemm, previous adventurer.
Then, Professor Liddenbrock invited his nephew to accompany him in the joumey to the cenfe of the earth and prepared for the journey. They started the journey in May and pass through some areas like Copenhagen and many village in Iceland. In lceland, they had a mormtain guide, narnely Hans that accompany them along their journey. And therl they climbed Sneffels, a five thousand high mountain (dead volcano). They headed to the base of the mountain through the chimney by using a rope. They found many wonderfrrl things such as caves, underground sea" big mushrooms, strange creature like a monster, and taces of wear and hand carving knife by Ame SaknussemfiL and also other things that they had never seen in the surface. Besides, they experienced stressful events such as when tley didn't have water anymore and more over when the storm came and broke their raft.
After they pass through various obstacles, they arrived at a place which is only four thousand miles from the centre of the earth. The place is very hot and they blow up the gun powder on the walls of underground caves until the hot water out of the wall. Then, the water that brougbt them out up to the surface and arrived Stromboli in Italy. When they saw the mountain Stomboli erupted, they descended the mountain through to a far:n.  Hey were confirsed where they were, and then there was a little boy who said that they were in Tromboli and they realized that they were in ltaly. After that, they stayed for a few days there. Then, Professor Liddenbrock returned to Jermany while Axel and Marry returned to Iceland and get married.


Setting of a story is the time, location and circumstances in which it takes. According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Current English, the word “ setting “ is defined (1) place in which is fixed (2) Surroundings, a rural (3) Height, speed ,etc. in which  a machine, etc is or can be set.  Setting or situation is what gives background to the story.
Setting indicates where the story is taking place. It can be in the sea, on the mountain, in a cave, in a city, etc. Furthermore, setting also conveys when the story is taking place. The author may show it by mentioning the date or just the year the story taking time.
Here, we analyze the setting of a novel namely JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH by JULES VERNE.

-          Professor Lidenbrock’s little house on King’s street, Hamburg, Germany.
From chapter 1 to 3, the story took place in Professor Lidenbrock’s little house on King’s street, one of the oldest streets in the old part of Hamburg. This house was built half of brick and half of wood, overlooking canal. This place was the place where Professor Lidenbrock, Axel, Martha, and Mary lived.
The story took scene in kitchen when martha cooked, in dining room where they ate (breakfast, lunch and dinner), study room where Professor Lidenbrock and Axel worked and firstly the mysterious parchment fell down, King’s Street itself where the Professor rushed away forgetting his supper, Altona Road where Axel walked confusing his uncle idea, here he also met Mary, and the last was a station at Altona where they waited for a train to go to Copenhagen.

-          Copenhagen

Before reaching Copenhagen, Axel and his uncle arrived at Kiel and went by ship and then another train to Copenhagen. In Copenhagen they went to a quays (place where ships are tied up), they went to the church spire in the south west district and climb the spire for five days.
The City has many beautiful church and classic building. Beside, Copenhagen is the important city of Scandinavia, and the city is comfortable and friendly of environmental.
The Church of Our Saviour in Christianshavn appears in a chapter of Jules Verne's A Journey to the Center of the Earth. The character Axel is made to climb the winding spire for five consecutive days by his uncle to cure him of his Acrophobia before their descent into the volcano.
Reykjavik, Iceland
Then they went to Reykjavik, Iceland by a Danish ship for 10 days. Towards evening, the ship went round the northern point of Denmark, and during the night, sailed along the southern coast of Norway and entered the North Sea. After two days they sighted Scotland and reached Atlantic. They anchored in Faxa Bay of Reykjavik. Then they climbed down into a waiting boat and were soon on Icelandic soil.
In Reykjavik, they stayed in Mr.Fridriksson’s house. When Professor Lidenbrock went to the library to look for Saknussemm manuscripts, Axel went out to explore the town which was look uninteresting for him. Then they went to Sneffel by horse with their guide, Hans.
Reykjavík is believed to be the location of the first permanent settlement in Iceland, which Ingólfur Arnarson is said to have established around 870. Until the 18th century, there was no urban development in the city location. The city was founded in 1786 as an official trading town and grew steadily over the next decades, as it transformed into a regional and later national centre of commerce, population and governmental activities.

-          Gufunes village, Gardӓr village, Budir village, Stapi village; Iceland
In their way, they stopped and had breakfast in Gufunes. Hans answered some questions from the professor. They stopped to sleep for the night in a house in Gardӓr. They also took a rest in many village before reaching Sneffel.
Stapi is a town consisting of thirty huts, built on a large plain of lava, exposed to the rays of the sun, reflected from the volcano. It stretches its humble tenements along the end of a little fjord, surrounded by a basaltic wall of the most singular character.
Hotel Budir, on the southern side of the peninsula, is an isolated twin gabled boutique property with commanding views out to sea.
-          Sneffels, dead Volcano in Iceland
They started to climb the mountain, a 5000 feet high-mountain (dead volcano). They arrived  on the peak and went down by chimney of the Sneffels to explore the way that Saknussemm went before. They went about 2.250 miles from Reykjavik. Along their journey, they found many strange things, like big mushroom forest, fishes without eyes, monsters like a large snake, sea with high wave and temperature, and etc.
During their journey underground, they found water source (after their mad thirst) and they gave it name ‘Hansbach’ because Hans made a hole in the wall which brought out water, a hot water (stream water), for them to drink. They found a port and they named it Port Mary. They also found an island and sea, they named it Axel Island and Lidenbrock Sea. They also had many difficulties in their journey, like the lack of water and food, hot wheater,  lost, storm, wave, tired and many other anxious feeling. They guest they passed many area like, such as Mediteranean, england, and they reached Italy.
The giant volcano Sneffels was used as the entrance to the Earth's core in Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. I was  tempted to try it, of course, but it is a serious and dangerous hike even in summer. The coast here had some amazing waves. Sneffels is regarded by many as Colorado’s most beautiful mountain. A stunning collection of spires, pinnacles and symmetry, Sneffels certainly moves the hearts of mountain lovers the world over.
-          Stromboli, Italy.
They can’t believe that they arrived somewhere not Germany, not Iceland but in Italy. They were in a fruit garden, full of fruit and a very lovely place.
Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes on Earth and has been erupting almost continuously since 1932. Because it has been active for much of the last 2,000 years and its eruptions are visible for long distances at night, it is known as the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean". It is among the world's most visited volcanoes.
-          Go back home, King’s street, Hamburg, Germany.
After a long journey to the centre of the earth, they finally came back to their lovely house in Germany. Then Professor Lidenbrock became popular because of their journey story. At the time, they brought Hans to Germany. After a view days, Hans went back to Iceland.
Hamburg is a city-state. It values its status as a city, being as independent as possible of other states that have existed or currently exist in Germany. Over the centuries, Hamburg has always been an international city. This is not only because of its position in international trade, but also in political dimensions.

            The story happened from 24 may 1863 until September in that year. The Author choose the time because He had counted for the right time to reach Sneffels before July so that they came on time in Sneffels and started to enter the mount. The scene were in morning, down, midday, afternoon, evening and midnight.
The story started when the Proffesor bought a book and found a parchment on it. It was 24 May 1863 at lunch time. On 26 May at down, they went to the station leaving Hamburg to Copenhagen by train and arrived on 28 May at ten in the morning. They arrived in Iceland on 13 June. On 23 June in the morning, they reached the Sneffel Mountain and started to climb it. On 27 August they were pushed by the water to get to the surface and they arrived in Stromboli, Italy. On 31 August they started to go back to German and arrived in German at 9 September on the evening.
            In the first chapter, actually the condition was running commonly. But when there was an exciting discovery about the mysterious parchment, Professor Lidenbrock became a corious man and because of him the condition of the house become not usual. All of the people in the house were worried about him.
            The second chapter, Axel as Professor Lidenbrock’s nephew was invited by Professor Lidenbrock to accompany him in the impossible journey. It was a very uncomfortabla circumstance for him.
            There was a sad scene in the third chapter when Axel decided to accompany his uncle and separated from the girl he loved, Mary, especially when Mary supported him to go.
            In Iceland, they didn’t experience an exciting trip because in three hours the view were particularly uninteresting for them, especially Axel.
            In fifth chapter, Axel, Professor Lidenbrock, and their guide began walk in the silence because the way they took became wetter and more lonely with few animals and even fewer people. Axel began to feel tired but his uncle stayed fresh and spirit.
            There was a frightened condition when they climb Sneffels, the dead volcano. There was a dust storm, a tall column of dust and sand rising and twisting in to the air. The wind was driving it towards their sides of the mountain, so they decided to continue their journey.
            A hesitated condition happenned when they were in the chimney, they took the wrong way between two ways. So they went back again to the first way where the way was devided into two.
            One big problem for them which made them weak was the lack of water. It made them mad thirst. This is a bad condition for them because they can’t continue their journey without water to drink. But finally, they felt really happy and glad because Hans, found water source for them. They hurried on, full of hope and no longer felt tired. The sound of running water had already refreshed them.
            There was something horrified happened to Axel. Suddenly, he discovered that he was alone. He lost and began to feel uneasy. He felt crushed. He lay in terror and despair. But in his hopeless period, he heard a voice behind the wall. And he was saved again.
            When they were in underground sea, they felt frightened in the middle of their journey because they saw so many big odd creatures like monsters. Then, those monsters threw themselves at each other without noticing them.
            Something terrible happened, there was a storm, the weather was changing, the air grew heavy, and full of electricity, described by the author. When the storm was happened, they could not remember anything.
            They felt a little happy and roomy, unless they were not dead in that erruption. They reached surface in Italy. At first, they were confused and keep asking where they were.
            A happy ending happened when they arrived in Germany, Professor Lidenbrock became famous and the gladest feeling of Axel is to saw and married with Marry.   
The setting in this novel  is very clear,
a)      Setting of time, where they wrote the time when they did something and experienced events,  time the story was taking place like year, minutes, hour, day, month, week, etc. It tells us something about the story as detail as possible. Then it made the story easier to understand every events that happened.
b)     Setting of location, they have many different location in this novel with stressful experienced. Where they taking place in the sea, on the mountain, in the cave, in a city, etc. The author mention the setting of location clearly and details modify the setting of location.
c)      Setting of circumtances, there are many situations in this story that bring us to feel what the actors felt and we can know the atmosphere created. Such as, scary atmosphere when they looked strange creature like a monster, when the storm occured, and when Axel lost alone. We can feel the same frightened feeling like them. Beside, happy atmosphere when they were saved from the death, we feel happy too. And then, when their problem were solved we feel roomy.
We like this story and have impressions on it. From this story we can know many new and beautiful places like Copenhagen, Sneffels, and the others. We felt like we can through the places what they through too.  Besides, we can get lessons from character Professor Otto Lidenbrock that he was so brave and never gave up and he always tried and tried what he wanted to do. It impressed us that although our desire was so difficult to reach, we can reach it if we still triy and never give up to get it.

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