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Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

Scan and Skimming an article

How safe are cell phones ?
Cell phones are now so popular and convenient that they are placed as the primary form of telecommunication for many people.  But the question that emerged from the statement is “Is Growing Cell Phone Use Increasing Health Risks?” Nowadays , we need to admit that cell phone use continues to grow, so does concern about the possible health risks of prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation.

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?
Studies on the health risks of cell phone use have produced mixed results, but scientists and medical experts warn that people should not assume no risk exists. Cell phones have been widely available for only the 10 years or so, but tumors may take twice that long to develop.
Because cell phones haven’t been around very long, scientists haven’t been able to assess the effects of long-term cell-phone use, or to study the effects of low-frequency radiation on growing children. Most studies have focused on people who have been using cell phones for three to five years, but some studies have indicated that using a cell phone an hour a day for 10 years or more can significantly increase the risk of developing a rare brain tumor. 

What Makes Cell Phones Potentially Dangerous?
Most RF (Radio Frequency) from cell phones comes from the antenna, which sends signals to the nearest base station. The farther the cell phone is from the nearest base station, the more radiation it requires to send the signal and make the connection. As a result, scientists theorize that the health risks from cell-phone radiation would be greater for people who live and work where base stations are farther away or fewer in number.

How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation ?
“Precaution” seems to be the approach recommended by an increasing number of scientists, medical experts and public health agencies, from the French Health Ministry to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). General recommendations to minimize the potential health risks include talking on cell phones only when necessary, and using a hands free device to keep the cell phone away from your head. 

Skimming the article :
paragraph 1 : about the development of cell phones and our concern to the health problem cause of it.
Paragraph 2 : about studies of cell phones effect that can emerge in 10 years later but tumor can be taken twice to emerge.
Paragraph 3 : about the research that focus on the people who using cell phones for three to five years and using of cell phones for 10 years a day can easily get brain tumor.
Paragraph 4 : about cell phones that has Radio Frequency and scientist believe that people who live in around the Radio Frequency base station will have a greater influence to get the effect of the cell phones radiation.
Paragraph 5 : about the precaution of using cell phones by talking on cell phones if it necessary and we can use hands free device to keep it away from our head when talking.

Scanning :
Find out unfamiliar words from article :
Convenient : baik sekali, tepat , sesuai , cocok
Prolonged : memperpanjang , jangka lama
Widely : luas , secara luas
Base : pangkalan , pusat
Precaution : tindakan pencegahan
Device : alat , perlengkapan

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